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BTE Glocal

With its global and local reach, BTE BoDs, with the close collaboration of the BTE Alliance, providing an excellent procurement service to its prestigious clients and partners, reaching the best ratio, also in confidential, bespoken and dedicated solutions.


BTE Omnichannel approach

BTE constant omnichannel market presence and knowledge of different cultures, guaranteeing for the sourcing of reliable high skills in the approach and in the negotiation process, in order to reach the best ratio, in almost any product & service in many industries of excellence.


BTE niches & exclusivity

BTE act as provider and support in any sector, from luxury “Made in Italy”: i.e. fine food, fashion, furniture, jewellery, cosmetics, real estate, yachting, etc; up to different industries: i.e. oil & gas, healthcare, hospitality and touristic sectors, up to green and high 4IR techs.

Uno yacht in mare


Note: BTE prefers to support innovative and sustainable companies worldwide and supports both buy side and seller side in negotiations.

BTE fees policy. Success fee commission structure, or similar, are excluded.

IMPORTANT Info: Commodities will be negotiated and dealt under a strict due diligence and according to the international trade laws.

Billion Team Experience. Business and Investment Solutions

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