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About  us

Billion Team Enterprise: A Global Investment and Management Powerhouse

Billion Team Enterprise is a world-class multi-disciplinary investments and management boutique Family Office (FO), offering a comprehensive turnkey business services platform with global reach and local connections worldwide.
BTE focus lies primarily in the financial and investment sectors, but we also cater to various industries.
BTE mission is to promote knowledge transfer and cultivate business opportunities among investors, C-level executives, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), and professionals across the globe.

Billion Team Enterprise

Strategic Global Presence and Commitment to Client Success

Established in 2013 with headquarters in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, BTE conducts global operations to assist leading financial institutions, private and government entities, and corporations in gaining better insights and opportunities in their target markets. At BTE, our clients are our partners, and we are dedicated to providing unparalleled, fully compliant on-site intelligence to help them achieve maximum leverage with minimal effort in the dynamic and highly competitive global business environment.

BTE's Expertise and Unmatched Resource Pool

Our team consists of experienced professionals with the right connections, knowledge, and insights to support asset management clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms, institutional investors, and top global management consulting firms, as well as multinational corporations. Through our proven resource pool, BTE aims to make the world a more approachable place for conducting business and investing, fostering global collaboration and success.

Billion Team Experience. Business and Investment Solutions

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