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2 - BTE Coordination


BTE also plays the role of financial coordinator of the process of issuance of MTN (and other financial instruments as collaterals) and interfaces with the various parties involved in the structuring of the transaction, especially with regard to the procurement of funds and the placement of the securities on the market.


In the preparatory stage BTE may complement and deal with other advisers, in the global assessment of the issuer and its strategic plan, by analyzing the trend of industry and market benchmark, testing current and potential future of debt sustainability, the assessment of the financial situation of the issuer, examination of relationships with banks and the performance of the credit lines.


Based on the results, once verified the viability of the transaction, BTE provides to structuring bond loan with the definition of the coupon, rate and timing. Similarly, BTE cooperates in the coordination and drafting of the rules of the issue.


Finally, BTE develops the activity of marketing among investors for the placement of the securities.

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