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BTE Advisory Corporate Financial Support

Services of BTE in Corporate Finance Advisory will assist the management in the needs of corporate finance, by the strategy phase up to the realization and implementation of real solutions, with a style of collaborative partnership geared to the long term.
The main services of BTE in Corporate Finance Advisory:
◾ Company assessment
◾ Partner search and setting up alliances  and joint ventures, ..
◾ M & A (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures)
◾ Project financing and engineering structured finance
◾ Business planning


BTE is a company with a department dedicated to supporting in investment and corporate finance.


BTE, as advisor is a counselor who assists companies in specific moments, such as when should realize extraordinary transactions that require specialized skills.

In our case, BTE, joins the company as an advisor for clients in different steps needed to achieve the outcome desired, while ensuring the coordination of the parties involved in the process (such as arranger, rating agency, legal advisors and other possible consultants).


Triple role of BTE


BTE plays a triple role of evaluator of preliminary documentation of the applicant, the coordinator of the transaction and supervision of the preparation of the necessary documents.


1 - BTE Pre-assessment


2 - BTE Coordination


3 - BTE Supervising and drafting documentation



The signing of MTN is reserved for professional investors. Professional investors include those who possessing experience, knowledge and expertise to make their own decisions regarding investments and to properly assess the risks that in this way can be assume.


Procedure may change time to time. In order to have a tailor made procedure, please contact us, writing a specific request in order to know the BTE modus operandi.

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