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Why Partner With BTE


BTE aim to be the partner creating innovative excellent investment solutions, in order to pursue long-term added value.



How to collaborate with BTE


BTE For Investors

For investors that want access to interesting deals and yet wish their details will remain confidential until they find a match, up to the introduction and the support in the negotiations.


BTE For Entrepreneurs

If you have an innovative project and need funding it

BTE general Protocol in the acquisition of finance for investment projects.


BTE Typical Investment Process - A synthetical Flowchart

BTE General Charges

BTE will be pleased to evaluate your specific case and proposal with PoA.

Because each project is different and it has to be evaluate case by case, it is difficult to establish fee guideline and the full process, so BTE charges sometimes need to be negotiated.

Important Note:

Given the huge amount of requests for support and investment, our companies are presently considering only those new projects that match with the strict criteria of our portfolio of projects funders.

We kindly ask you to comply our guidelines so that we can clearly consider your requests / proposals.


Please read:

Letter to the BTE Potential Stakeholders focusing in the business approach with our company by BTE BoDs

BTE: only for visionary leaders

Billion Team Experience. Business and Investment Solutions

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